The company "NEFTEGAZ TECH" on behalf of the Group of Companies "ND" and in partnership with foreign manufacturers of specialized equipment offers an innovative solution: an electronic control system of price tags "ND-PRICER" for stores. Solution can be used in sale of related products in stores at gas stations, in any other outlets.

Proposal is to replace the traditional paper price tags and to use the technical devices with so-called "electronic paper". Display technology designed to mimic the usual black-and-white printing on an electronic hardware support that can store an image of text and graphics for quite a long time. In this process, the electrical energy is used only to change the image.

The proposed system "ND-PRICER" ensures accurate representation of information on prices at any time through the interaction protocol with intelligent management system of cash register of a shop. Specialized software connects electronic database of products of the cash register with a base station (BS) of the system. Thus any change in prices or update information for the price tags is instantly transmitted to the electronic price tags.

BS constantly transmits data to the relevant tags, receives information about the success of the update, track messages about battery installed in the tags. All BS are placed in the store room - fixed on the ceiling, each provides coverage up to 350 square meters.

Special data technology (variety of WiFi) via an encrypted channel in the frequency range 2.4G...2.56G (ISM) does not intersect with household systems. Thanks to the technical characteristics of the communication system, the probability of hitting a price tag to a "dead zone" is minimized. This fact and the presence of the mechanism of getting responses from price tags are the main advantages of the system "ND-PRICER" against competing IR-solutions.

Tags equipped with systems for amounting on shelves, with optional anti-theft devices for various safety reasons. According to the information displayed by price tags they are divided into two categories:
- With segment displaying of prices and with the necessity of printing information about this product on the printer;
- With a full-screen display for the entire data set about the product, which eliminates the need of printing paper additions.


To carry out actions, for displaying information on the "hot" proposals and simultaneous display of price lists for multiple items - in addition can be used the bigger device.

Pilot project is possible for the money of the company (client). Links to examples of commercial offers on the system and presentations of solutions are given below.