Over 15 years the Group of companies "ND" offers on the market of Ukraine and Europe ultrasonic levels measurement system for liquid in tanks. During this time, several thousand units were put into operation. Company "ND TECHNOLOGY" owns a copyright in the production of gauges UUS of all models. System of quality control of the production is certified, obtained ISO9001:2008 certification.

Ultrasonic level gauges are widely popular, used at petrol stations, oil and chemical plants. They are essential in measuring the levels and characteristics in corrosive liquids. Positive sides of the use of ultrasound as “measuring device”:
- possibility of use of noncontact measuring method through metal walls of tanks;
- possibility of determination of weight characteristic of fuel of standardized types (there is a possibility of identification of oil product manufacturer;
- percentage ratio of propane/butane for liquefied gas;
- absence of high requirements to wear resistance and strength of equipment design at realization of method;
- simplicity of transducer design and method for their installation in/on tanks, as a result – simplicity of service maintenance and simplified service support procedure, absence of necessity of expensive spare parts;
- durability of ultrasonic sensors is not less than 14 years.


1. Portable level gauges for railway tanks;

2 . Level gauges UUS-00 with patch fixed electroacoustic transducers (for tanks with liquefied gas);

3 . Gauges level UUS-01 with stationary submersible electroacoustic transducers (for tanks with liquid fuel);

4 . Signaling level detectors for liquids and bulk goods;

The kit includes a central unit transmitter to indicate the main parameters of the measured fluid, power cabinet for switching cables.

Marking of explosion protection 0EhiaIIBT4 is for submersible probes, marking 1ExibIIBT4 is for electronics converter on the probe. The more detailed description of ultrasonic level sensors is given on web-site www.technology.nd.ua in the relevant section.

Ultrasonic gauges of "ND TECHNOLOGY" production are certified, including fire and explosion protection in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Russia.