Operation sphere of enterprises is the implementation of modern unique and classic complex decisions for filling stations, automobile gas-filling and compressor stations, petroleum storages and gas depots.

First enterprises of the Group of Companies «ND» (GC «ND») appeared in 1992. 1994 is assumed to be the year of establishment of the GC «ND». The main working directions of the enterprises were the development of home television engineering, establishment of TV-sets of new generation. The activity of the enterprises of the GC «ND» in establishment and introduction of IT-decisions for automation of business processes of the work of filling stations, petroleum storage depots, gas depots, oil and chemical enterprises has been started in 2000.

In 2005 the «ND» trade mark was officially registered. Nowadays the GC «ND» together with partner firms accounts 14 companies with total number of employees more than 200 persons:
- five Ukrainian scientific-production companies (L.L.C.: «ND DATECS», «ND PRODUCTION», «NEFTEGAZ ENGINEERING», «ARGUS – SECURITY SYSTEMS», «ND SERVICE»);
- two representative establishments in Georgia and Russia (L.L.C.: «ND GEO», «ND»);

All scientific-production companies have their own specialization and corresponding competence. Companies possess their own production centers – two certified production centers in Kiev for the development of terminal equipment, specialized cash registers and ultrasound level measurement systems, specialized assembly and service maintenance areas.

During the production elements base and component parts from the IBM, TOSHIBA («ND TECHNOLOGY» has an exclusive right to deliver the IBM and TOSHIBA specialized equipment to the filling stations in Ukraine), DALLMEIER («ARGUS – SECURITY SYSTEMS» - is the exclusive representative in Ukraine and Moldova), EPSON, CITIZEN and from others companies are used.

The kit, consisting of a set of solutions of each company, is a complex solution for full-scale automation of filling stations and tank farms with any capacity and complexity. Full title of the offered patented automation complex: “The information integration system “ND-OFFICE”. All component parts of the software and hardware are the property of firms of the GC «ND». In other words, the GC «ND» possesses full-range «constructor», consisting of software and hardware tools. This fact is a serious competitive advantage.

The enterprises of Group of companies «ND» conforms to the international standard ISO 9001:2008 «Quality management Systems».

The existence of its own construction department and resources for monitoring of projects implementation allows maintaining of the own developments and do not to use decisions of other companies. Besides the compatibility with the decisions of competitive organizations is maintained.

Service support of the implemented software and hardware automation complexes and centralized information systems on the territory of Ukraine and abroad is provided by the networks of own service centers and partner service maintenance centers (more than 50).

General information about the Group of companies «ND» is represented in presentations: