Specialists of the GC «ND» can help to optimize capacity and level of automation of technological processes, and also the necessity of automation, guided by accumulated experience, normative and legal base.

The application of software product completed with software module of ON-LINE-monitoring of tanks will enable to avoid matching and agreement problems of already existing decisions into one software and hardware Complex.

Founded in the software product, the principle of zoom will allow to increase the level of automation with the growth of the needs and application know-how from GC «ND» in the field of telecommunications will allow increasing the level of automation to the creation of the unified centralized system of fuel sales management of the company.

Integrated automation is not only fashion, but also the urgent need to save where previously it was not possible, for objective reasons: when storing and shipment of oil products. Automation solution includes a comprehensive step-by-step automation of technological processes, systems of security and workflow on the tank farms of up to 1 class inclusive.

The use of decisions of the «ND» Group of Companies provides:

1. control and management of technological processes of intake, storage, shipment and cash-and-carry trade (package filling), including the use of cash equipment;

2. quantitative accounting of oil products in tanks, as well as with the help of flow measuring systems;

3. safe operation of technological equipment and constructions, timely detection of emergencies and the development of conditions for their localization;

4. fire protection and protection of the environment.

Control and management system of the technological processes of petroleum storage depot can be realized centrally from one point – operator’s room or dispatcher’s office with open or hidden control of all actions from Central office of the company.

The GC «ND» offers new insights in the complex automation of petroleum storage depots – staged construction of single software and hardware for automation and security from ready elements, leaving after the consumer the right to choose the equipment and stages of work.

The view on development stages of the Complex based on decisions of enterprises of the GC «ND»:

1. installation of the system of commercial oil products accounting into tanks (ultrasonic measuring system), unique in Ukraine, which can be used on tanks with pontoons, floating, and also «momentless» tops, that is of current interest for old tank battery;

2. automation of loading zone, providing high accuracy of loading into refueling vehicles, reducing the equipment downtime and staff employment during the loading, excluding the possibility of abuses and decreasing the amount of natural losses;

3. automation of the control system for cargo pumps of the petroleum storage depot, providing the work of pump aggregate in optimum condition with warning about working parameters and achievement of threshold parameters, defining by customer’s request (user by itself): all mentioned together will allow increasing aggregates operating age and their safe use;

4. automation of oil products receiving zone with the purpose of reduction of delay of railway tanks, increasing of accounting accuracy and operational safety; a multistage receiving system can be made, consisting of control device for oil products parameters at the inlet (before sealing of tank vessels – portable non-contact level gage), railweight units for weighing of gross and tare weight, and also meters on the discharge of oil products;

5. construction of the system of electronic document management on petroleum storage depots with the possibility of integrations with another systems, already used by the customers, including – in the office of the company, and that is essentially increases the operational efficiency of accounting, planning of work and optimizing of business processes;

6. videoobservation and security system, including access control systems with the possibility of creation of single monitoring centre, including remote;

7. early detection emergency situations system and notification of people in case of their beginning on the object with connection to monitoring console and with the corresponding project and service maintenance.

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