In the case of projects of automation of retail trade with liquid and gaseous fuels there are a number of specific requirements that must be met. First of all - compliance with regulatory and legal requirements when handling fuel. Enterprises of the Group of companies «ND» offer solutions adapted to the current Technical Requirements to specialized cash registrar equipment for the gas station and all the existing Laws of Ukraine.

Among the technical decisions of the Group of companies “ND” it is necessary to single out the proposed subjects:

- specialized electronic cash registrars;
- ultrasonic measuring stationary and portable systems;
- software and hardware for fuel accounting;
- payment, loyal, bonus, coupon systems;
- self-service systems – automatic payment terminals (APT).

All the proposed solutions can be combined in one system - Complex “ND-OFFICE”. “ND-OFFICE” – is the signature product of Group of companies “ND” and of the company “ND TECHNOLOGY”, in particular.

The proposal of the format of automation of networks with the help of “ND-OFFICE”:

“ND-OFFICE” software and hardware complex is a base decision for the beginning of complex automation. It is meant for the operation automation of the control structure (office) of the company, engaging in wholesale and retail trade of oil products (gas) and related goods.

“ND-OFFICE” involves all sides of oil product sales management: from collection of shift reports from filling stations (in the form of transaction material) and till stock accounting of related goods and services, cashless payment operations, stock control of fuels and lubricants, purchase and calculations with counteragents inspection, analysis of financial operations. The “ND-OFFICE” maintains a volume-weight method of oil product accounting, tank and piece accounting, joined with cash systems, allows realizing fuel input to the filling stations with time fixation of the beginning and end of discharge into tanks.

“ND-OFFICE” is easy in installation and exploitation, reports are formed in МS Excel format and other popular formats. The system is integrated with accounting and analytical programs, whereby increasing the output from the enterprise automation in general. For the organization of the exchange with accounting programs in the “ND-OFFICE” data base data presentations are formed by the agreement with user. Hereafter the user can carry out procedures as to the convenient integration of programs.

“ND-OFFICE” in base configuration allows forming and printing of more than 30 various reports and protocols. Built-in module for the development of reports Fast Report allows user independently prepare report forms according to growing demands of the company. The analytical module OLAP-cube is built-in to the software complex. It serves for building of diagrams and tables, used for the solving of various analytical tasks of the company.

Complex automation by means of the “ND-OFFICE” allows reaching the following aims:

- organization of rigid vertically integrated accounting of release of fuel and related goods by cash and cashless payments;

- providing of the single technological cycle of fuel release on the filling station with minimizing of the influence of «human factor» (including errors and abuses);

- providing of automatic work of level gages and terminals together with cash register – decreasing of costs for the maintenance of auditing department;

- automation of profitability control of enterprise by means of operative control of purchase and sale prices, regulation of the price formation process;

- automation control from central office of tank fullness and planning of fuel delivery to the filling station;

- organization of the preliminary announcement of emergency situations according to the demands of MES;

- automation control as to the fullness of warehouses (of filling station) by the related goods, including the introduction of the automated order and inventory system, unification of the list of goods and services for all network, logistics automation;

- providing control of operators and sellers actions with the help of «logging» of the events in the control system of the fuel-dispensing units (automatic journaling of operator’s actions, control of storage counters of the fuel-dispensing unit);

- entrance of the list of ALL transactions into the office for their further use in building of charts and diagrams (business analytics).

Presentation of the software-hardware Complex “ND-OFFICE”…