Several years in a row the Group of companies "ND" by the forcefulness of the company "NEFTEGAZ TECH" implements the project of the establishment, implementation and support of automated control systems and systems of automatic receiving of payments for automatic (semi-automatic) petrol stations. There was implemented a number of projects in Ukraine and abroad.

All systems are designed and offered by the intellectual property of companies of the Group of companies "ND", united under the common name "ND SELF-POS". These are: automatic payment terminals, payment terminals for installation inside the fuel-dispenser, euro-terminals for starting of fuelling on the fuel-dispenser, systems for making start of fuelling by dispenser from applications of mobile phones, automatic terminals for charging of fuel cards, software system for remote monitoring and maintenance of proposed solutions.

Parallel direction of development of the complex solutions "ND SELF-POS" is a proposal to equip by the automated systems of Container filling stations. Innovative system called "ND CAR-GO".

Complete picture of the complexes "ND SELF-POS" and "ND CAR-GO" can be obtained by visiting the website Ibid descriptive materials, technical documentation and certificates are given.