In general wok of the Group of companies "ND" a company "ARGUS - SECURITY SYSTEMS" occupies an important place. Direction of its work is the logical continuation of all integration projects of other companies without exception. Solutions offered by the company are essential at all stages - from design to commissioning. Besides participation in common projects, the company "ARGUS - SECURITY SYSTEMS" has activity in various fields of enough specific business.

The company formed in 1995, and in 2000 entered the Group of companies "ND". The main activities are: design, installation, commissioning, production and maintenance of security systems, communications, telecommunications, power supplying, automation; engineering studies in fields of intelligent safety systems, supply of equipment from leading manufacturers of security systems.

Company "ARGUS - SECURITY SYSTEMS" has its own production facilities, engineering, assembly and service units. Service department in the past and current projects is well established in terms of quality and commitment of tasks.

Today the company has a number of ready-made solutions for organization of:

- Video surveillance systems, including systems combined with fuel supply at gas stations;
- Early detection of emergency situations at hazardous sites;
- Audible warning;
- Communication systems;
- Access control systems;
- Security and fire alarm systems for petrol stations.

All proposed solutions are designed taking into account the specifics of work of petrol stations, taking into account the experience of company in this area and on the basis of numerous customer feedback. Development of the company are also integrated in the most innovative solutions from the Group of companies "ND" - for example, in automatic payment terminals "ND SELF-POS" for fuel dispensers and automatic filling stations.

Full range of proposals from "ARGUS - SECURITY SYSTEMS" can be found at There's also presented technical and promotional materials on the subject.