Leading activity of the company «ND TECHNOLOGY" in the Group of companies "ND" is the development, production and support of cash registers. A distinctive feature of the company as a manufacturer of cash registers is the focus in the exceptional work: only specialized electronic cash registers for petrol stations.

Cash registers "ND" certified and listed in the State Register of cash machines. In line with its primary purpose, cash machines perform fiscal functions tempering fuel at gas stations and operate dispensers. In fact, fuel controller "ND-PUMP", which is built into cash register "ND", not inferior in functionality and number of protocols for managing (the dispensers) of any controllers produced in the world.

Par with the functional of control of dispensers, cash registers are fully functional at the petrol station with related products, functions of its account. And the use of an innovative software system for billing of fuel and goods "ND-OFFICE" makes the cash register "ND" maximally adapted to meet the demands of users for the sale of goods.

By the beginning of 2014 more than 3,500 gas stations are equipped with cash registers of production of «ND TECHNOLOGY" (previously also produced by the companies "ND DATECS", "ND LTD"). The largest users in Ukraine are: "AVIAS", "UKRNAFTA", " GALNEFTEGAZ", "LUKOIL -UKRAINE", "KLO", "ATAN-CRIMEA" and others.

Currently, are produced cheap cash registers for small gas station, "computer" and «Touch-Screen»-models for equipping modern medium and large petrol station networks. Presentation and description of the cash registers are presented on the web page PRESENTATION OF DECISIONS (section COMPLEX PRESENTATION).

The four main varieties of cash machines for the gas station are: "ND-757" («the consol»), "ND-797.02" («the console»), "ND-797.01" («the computer», «mono-unit»), "ND-797.01 TS" («the Touch- Screen», «ND SELF-POS»):

More information about the cash registers "ND" is available on the website of the company «ND TECHNOLOGY» at in the relevant section.